Friday, June 24, 2005

Aunty Ceri has been staying with us for the past few days. She's been a great at entertaining me and Mum and Dad, and has even learned how to change my Nappy (that's way beyond normal Aunty duties in my opinion). However, she's been dressing me up in funny outfits all week, and with Dad's help some of them have been very silly indeed.

I'm a bit worried that some of these will come back to haunt me when I'm rich and famous. I quite like my dungarees though: they're my first real clothes.

The Outreach Nurse came on Thursday: I now weigh 6 pounds and 7 ounces! That's something like an 11 ounce gain over last week; the crash weight gain diet really seems to be paying off. However, she also discovered that I've got another hernia (on the opposite side to the last one), and that it needs sorting out soon. So it looks like I'll be having an overnight stay at the Hospital in the next week or so.

As well as funny Aunty Ceri, I've had lots of other visitors. Mum had a big surprise on Tuesday when Aunty Ros and Uncle Alan dropped by completely unannounced. They used to live opposite Mum and Dad when they lived in Taff's Well, and Mum hasn't seen Ros since then. I'm sure you can imagine how much catching up they had to do. Uncle Alan made me a nice picture too.

I also had a nice cuddle with Aunty Jan:

On Friday, I went back to see my Consultant at the hospital. She seemed very pleased with my progress so far, particularly by my spectactular weigh gain. They also said that they'll be keeping a close eye on me over the next few days, as they don't want my hernia to turn nasty.

Morning Will,
Glad to see you are putting on so much weight! Very good work on your part. That's exciting about your first proper clothes too - you really suit the dungarees. I am sure you far prefer them to the toga Auty Ceri put you in..

Take care Will.
Love Jen x
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