Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What a busy day! Mum and Dad came in Really Early this morning to hold my hand and to meet someone from the Surgical team who was going to talk them through the whole thing. They looked a bit nervous to be back in the High Dependency Unit, so I did the old "Spit the Emergency Dummy on the Floor" trick to keep them busy. However, the Nurses said I was a very good boy, as I'd barely grumbled dispite haing nothing to eat since 2am.

At 8:30, the porter came to take me over to the Surgical Unit. It was a long journey - the furtest I've ever been - and I even had a go in a special lift. I found it all fascinating (especially the Big Lights). A lot of people came to coo over me when I arrived - I don't think they get many small babies over there - but they were all very friendly. When everyting was ready, Mum and Dad left and they took me off to the Theatre. It all went a bit hazy after that.

The operation took about two hours. Apparently, the Sister made Mum and Dad go home during the operation, but she rang them when she heard I was all done and they came back in again. They gave both a general and a local anaesthetic: I think the general one was to stop me wriggling and the local one was to stop it hurting. Anyway, because I had the two, they only needed to give me a small amount of the general anaesthetic so it wore off pretty fast.

By the time Mum and Dad arrived back here, I was pretty much awake and absolutely starving. But I was really a bit too sleepy to feed straight away, so we all had to wait for me to wake up properly. This was a all bit fraught, but we got there in the end and by midday I'd had a small feed and a lot of burps. Lots of Nurses that have looked after me over the past few weeks dropped in to see how the operation had gone; it was really nice to see them again.

Once I was asleep, Mum and Dad went to get some lunch. I didn't wake up until 3pm, when Mum and Dad got the chance to look at my wound. The Surgeons are very clever: not only does the entire thing fit under a plaster that's barely 2cm long, they also somehow managed to stitch it up from the inside (and no, I've no idea how - I was alseep at the time). I fed really well this time, and Mum said I was almost back to normal. By the time I'd finished feeding the Nurses had transferred me back to the Nursery.

Now that I've had my operation, the big question on everyone's lips is "When am I coming out?" I heard several different possibilities today: The Doctor's said I might be ready to leave tomorrow, but the Nurses said that it would be more likely to be the weekend. I guess the real answer is that we don't really know, but it's likely to be decided tomorrow.

Glad that is all over and went so well. It's all going to be a bit tame when you get home and there is only Mum to talk to all day! We are keeping our fingers crossed for an early parole date.

Lots of love

Metty and Michael XX
Brave lad - and even braver parents!

Just you be nice to your parents when you get home - I think it's going to be a pretty scary experience for them until they get used to it
Well done, all - gather the nurses could hear you down the corridor, when they came to retrieve you after the op! A good pair of lungs is always welcome, epecially in Wales - has anyone taught you Cwm Rhondda or Sospan Fach yet? Seriously, it'll be wonderful - if frightening - for you all when you finally escape - news of the planned breakout is eagerly awaited! Love Ma xxxxxx
Hi Will,
Well done on getting through the op so well. You will be home before you know it and wondering where all your fan club has gone! But don't worry, once you've got settled I reckon you will have a long list of fans just desperate to come visit.

Love and hugs

Aunty Ceri
well done for being so brave will!!! and your mum and dad aswell coz they must have had to be really brave too! looking forward to news of the great escape, love, light and rainbows auntie sal xxx
Nice work Will! So pleased everything went well - you are certainly in very good hands in that hospital and I am sure that there will be a lot of nurses left missing you once you go home. You've made quite an impression! I am sure you can't wait to get home and see the result of your Dad's new-found interior decorating skills...Laurence Llewellyn Bowen must be quaking in his boots.
Love Jen xx
Great result with the operation Will. Sounds like you sailed through it. I can imagine you're now very keen to get out and explore the world beyond the wards.

And what's all this about you becoming a celebrity? I hope your agents managed to extract a good fee from the paper for your pictures. Be careful though or you'll have OK! and Hello! paparazzi hiding out under your cot before you know it (save me a signed copy though...)

Can't wait to hear you've made it home. Take care. All my love to you and your parents

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