Monday, May 23, 2005

We spent the whole day following the Routine and I think Mum and Dad are enjoying looking after me proactively instead of reactively. It's been working quite well: I only woke up twice last night which was a huge improvement on the night before when I woke up every five minutes. Mum and Dad are following the Routine in spirt rather than to the letter, as I'm a bit small to do it exactly as it's written. For example, I'm supposed to stay awake for about 1.5 hours around feeding time, but once my belly is full I'm usually fast asleep within ten minutes.

There's not much else to report. I'm slowly getting used to my new surroundings, and The Mog has decided deal with the situation by ignoring me. The Health Visitor was supposed to come and say hello this morning, but she couldn't make it and will come on Friday instead. I'd love to show you some more pictures of me at home, but silly Daddy forgot to take any, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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