Thursday, May 05, 2005

Today was nice and quiet. I had a good long cuddle with Mum when she arrived, and then we went off to practise feeding. They would normally give me my whole feed of 35ml through the tube afterwards, but when I've done well they cut down the amount they top me up with. This afternoon, they only gave me half my feed through the tube, and I fed so well this evening that they gave me nothing at all afterwards. Admittedly, I was pretty hungry before my next feed, but it's good to act like a normal baby for a while. Tonight is weighing night, so we'll soon find out if I've been getting enough to eat.

Hello young William. I am very pleased that you are doing so well, it won't be long till your at home and we won't have a blogspot to disract us at work! Can't wait to come and see you next week and see how much you've grown and how your getting on with you Bronze swimming award.

Lots of love and hugs

Aunty Ceri
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