Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Today was a much better day. I was weighed last night: I'm now 4 pounds and 3 ounces (or 1.91 kg). And the transfusion has obviously worked as I've gone a lovely pink colour. The Nurses have somehow managed to get me from a three-hour to a four-hour feeding cycle, and it's suiting me much better. Four hours between feeds means that I've got time to guzzle all I want and still fit in a nice long sleep before I have to wake up for the next one.

The eye man came back again today. I thought I'd got away with it yesterday, but it seems he rescheduled things when my operation was cancelled. I didn't enjoy it, but the good news is that my eyes haven't changed since last time and he doesn't want to see me again for a whole year. (A year gives me plenty of time to plan my escape).

The Surgeons have also found me a slot for my operation: it's going to be tomorrow at 8:30am. Mum is a bit worried about it all, but the Surgeons are excellent and I don't think there's anything really to get too worked up about. The worst thing is that I'm not allowed to have anything to eat for six hours beforehand, so I'm sure the Nurses on the night shift are going to enjoy looking after me tonight. However, they've said that they'll move me into the High Dependency Unit later on, and I'm quite looking forward to seeing some old friends again.

Finally, Mum and me are going to be in our local paper! A man from the Echo turned up to take some publicity photos of the Special Care Baby Unit, and they chose Mum and me to be in them. We should be in Wednesday's edition.

Good luck for the op - you won't need it, but I wanted you and your mum and your dad to know we are all thinking of the three of you, especially tomorrow morning. Hope your mum and dad aren't too frazzled - you've put them through a lot the last 10 weeks and they probably aren't going to get much sleep tonight.

Lots and lots of love
Good to see your getting yourself into the media glare already, it will be good practice for future fame and fortune. You should have had your op by now - hope your not feeling too groggy and are taking care of your mum and dad. And i do hope you didnt keep those nurses awake all last night!
Love and hugs
Aunty Ceri

You should have had your Op now and i hope you are recovering well, this is the only thing I can say "I know how you feel" about because I had a hernia op myself a few years ago and like Stu says it was really not to bad.. Get well soon little guy, my thoughts like the sun travel west to you and I hope you are are in your new jungle room for the weekend.

Chok dee krap
I gather you've had the op and when i heard - mid-morning you were screaming the place down you were so Hungry! good on you - hope all continues to go well. lots of love Ma & Pa xxxxxxxxx
Well William you are already a celebrity - any chance of scanning the paper for us Englofiles? or is that copyright but love to share your moment of fame!
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