Saturday, May 28, 2005

This is one of my favourite toys:

I'm fascinated by the black and white checks on Big Bug's hands and feet. And if you get Mum or Dad to pull Little Bug in the right way, then Big Bug plays a funny tune (but for some reason they don't make it play very often).

I had a quiet day today: the highlight was going for a really long walk all the way to the Library. Mum likes the Library, and she thinks the pushchair is great as it can carry loads of books (that was its main selling point, I think). It was really windy, and I could hear all the trees waving about.

I forgot to mention that I'd put on loads of weight yesterday: when the Health Visitor weighed me, I was 4 pounds and 11 ounces (or 2.15kg). Everyone seems very pleased that I'm putting on so much weight.

Hi Will!
Glad to hear that you're putting on weight nicely - seems you are ammasing quite an army of cuddly toys there, what with Lamb, Bear and now big bug and little bug. Your cot must be quite the party cot! Take care little man and hope you and your mum and dad are enjoying the bank holiday.
Lots of love,

Jen xx
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