Sunday, May 15, 2005

My haemoglobin levels are a bit down, and I've been feeling a bit pale these past few days. It's not anything to worry about as it's correcting itself, but the Surgeons weren't keen to do my hernia operation with the levels being as they are. So they've given me an infusion to raise my levels a bit and they've postponed my operation until Tuesday instead of tomorrow. Depending on how it goes, I might not be out now until the weekend. Another downside is that the nasty man who pokes cameras in my eyes now will be coming to look at me again on Monday instead of in a few week's time.

I had fun winding Mum up today though. The infusion takes around four hours to complete, and as I'm not allowed to feed while it's going in. I normally want feeding every three hours or so, so you can see that the Nurses were very keen for me to have a feed just before it started. Mum came to feed me at 2pm, but I was fast asleep working off my last feed (I had been a bit of a greedy-guts). I didn't really want to be woken up at all, and I was far too sleepy to eat anything. Mum was getting worried up as she knew what I'd be like later if I didn't feed now, and it was all getting a bit tense. I couldn't keep it up long though, as Aunty Cheryl arrived. She threatened to turn me upside down and tickle me if I didn't wake up right now and start eating, so I didn't really have any choice but to get on with it.

I saw Mum and Dad later in the evening after the transfusion had finished. The Nurse said I was a very good boy as I'd managed to get all the way through without too much complaining. She also said that I'd drained my bottle in record time afterwards. I had a cuddle with Dad later, but he smelt a bit funny as he'd been decorating my room all day. It's pretty much done now, although it's going to take a while for the paint fumes to dissapear. I can't wait to see it.

It was lovely to come and see you at the weekend - you looked just fab in your designer cot, and it was so nice to see you out of the incubator. Everyone is very busy at your house getting everything ready for you to come home and your room is looking great. So enjoy the last week with those nurses before you are left in the hands of your parents! xxx
hi will, sending you, and your mummy and daddy, loads and loads of love, hugs and strength to get you through this final hurdle then onto the 'home' straight! can't wait to see you at home and get a cuddle! love, light and rainbows, auntie sal xxx
Lovely bit of father-son bonding in the picture yesterday. Sorry the op has been post-poned but keep positive - at least it's only an administrative problem, and anyway it gives me a sporting chance in the final stages of the comp!
Lovely photos! Its been great following Will's progress (Ive only just learned how to make a comment!)Hope you get him home soon.Love to you all, Jenny.
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