Sunday, May 01, 2005

Look! I've got a new cot:

It's just like the cots that the big babies have. The kind Nurses put me in here late last night, as there was no reason to keep me in the cast-iron one now that I've beaten the evil breathing machine (hurrah!). They're also taken away the heated water bed, as now that I can control my body temperature a bit I was getting a bit hot. Even better, they've replaced the large and noisy heart/oxygen/respiration monitor with the smaller and quieter model they normally use on bigger babies. This one doesn't wake the entire room up when an alarm goes off; I'm sure the Nurses are enjoying the peace too.

I went on a very exciting field trip today. Mum came in the morning to feed me as normal, but instead of feeding me beside the cot she was allowed to carry me down to the Mum's Room, where some of the bigger babies go to be fed. Mum was a bit scared, as they have to disconnect me from the monitors to take me to the Mum's Room, but the Nurse said that I would be OK. All the new surroundings were a bit distracting, and I don't think I've ever been so far from my cot, but I managed to have quite a good feed. Afterwards, Mum was a bit giddy and took me on a quick trip to the Nursery to visit a baby and I used to be next to in ITU. He's done exceptionally well and might be allowed to go home tomorrow; I'm very pleased for him.

In the evening Mum and Dad came back to feed me. They took me down to the Mum's Room again but I was really a bit too sleepy to do it properly and they had to give up and give me my feed through the tube. I woke up soon after though, and I tried to tell them for about two hours that I had a really stinky nappy but they weren't listening. I think I got myself into a bit of a state, because I carried on screaming even after they'd changed me. I made such a fuss that the nice Nurses fetched a bright mobile and put it above my cot: it plays the "Old Mac Donald" song as it goes round and I find it fascinating.

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