Friday, May 06, 2005

Last night was weighing night: I'm now 3 pounds 12 (that's 1.71 kg: I think I'll have to give up quoting my weight in kilos as it doesn't make any sense to anyone but the Doctors). Dad says I'll be a big fat boy if I'm not careful, but I reckon I've still got some growing room spare.

I've been having fun with my feeding. Mum says I spend the first five minutes "messing about" and "treating her like an ice-cream", but after that I settle down. I usually manage about ten minutes before I get tired or until I need to burp (this always makes my Mum smile; I think it reminds her of Aunty Ceri).

Aunty Aimee came to see me again today; she came on her own as Uncle Mark was recovering down in the Ante-natal clinc. Aunty Aimee is having a baby, but they wanted some of Uncle Marks' blood to do some tests with. Poor Uncle Mark fell over after this, but Aunty Aimee said he was being very well looked after by a whole load of Nurses, so I think he enjoyed it all really. Meg and Keith also came: they're some old friend of Ma and Pa, and they knew Mum and Aunty Ceri when they were little.

Mum tells me that some people at her school and at her old church are thinking of raising some money for the Unit. Me and the rest of the babies in here think this is an excellent idea, as the Unit is always short of something or other and the special equipment that they use to make us better is very expensive. We'd all like to say thankyou very much in advance for your kind thoughts.

Hi William from the Yorkshire Dales! I don't know what the weather is like down in Cardiff but up here it has been sunny, raining, sleeting and hailing; you're probably best curling up nice and warm in your cot for another few months

Love to all
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