Thursday, May 12, 2005

I managed to pull out my feeding tube today. Unfortunately, I forgot about the sticky-tape that attaches it to my cheek, and pulling it off has left me with a big red patch:

Mum came in really early to feed me today, because she was going off to a Bliss meeting to see some other Mums with small babies like me. She had a good time, but I think it was hard for her to get up so early. Dad has been busy too: he's taken a couple of days off work to sort out my room. It's going to have a jungle theme, although I was dissapointed to hear that it won't have an en-suite Nurse like my room here.

Does that mean they haven't put the feeding tube back? - as the blog says "Where there's a Will there's a way"!

Hope you're keeping your dad grafting on your room - bet he doesn't paint any hippos on the walls (if you want to know why, ask him about when he got chased by one - never seen him so frightened)
Morning Will!
Check out you all wire-free about the face! That must be a relief, despite the incident with the sticky tape. Your room sounds like it's going to be very cool. In fact, I'm a bit jealous. Can you ask your dad if he'll sort out my room with a jungle theme too?
Have a good day,
Love Jen xx
Fantastic news about going home soon! Just think of all the fun you can have waking up every half hour or so to remind Mum and Dad that you really are there and not in hospital....

Love Metty and MichaelXX
Hi will, great news about you going home! im sure it will be a bit strabge for the first few days but then you'll all settle in. baby jack went home on tuesday and for the first few days they all found it very strange, but now theyre starting to get used to it and can't imagine a time when they weren't all together as a family! yIm sure your new room will be cool, your cousin jamie had a jungle room when he was little and apparently jacks bedroom is going to be a jungle too!
big loves and hugs to you all auntie sal xxx
Hi William!
Mum says my room is like a jungle but I don;t understand as it has Thomas the Tank Engine Wallpaper
Hugs and Bumps
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