Monday, May 09, 2005

I had to endure a lot of poking and proding today. It all started early this morning when they came to test my eyes again. Everyone said I was very brave, but I didn't like it very much (would you like having your eyes frozen and a camera placed on them so they can see the retina?). The good news is that the little bit of damage they found last time is still small and they're hopeful it will clear up on its own, but the bad news is that they want to have another look in another week or so.

Later in the morning they came to have a look at my hernia. I like the Doctors: they're really very gentle and friendly but I don't like it when they examine my bits (especially when they're rather sore). And after all that they came to do some blood tests. By the Mum arrived to feed me I was rather tired. She took me down to the feeding room but I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to do anything, and I went straight to sleep as soon as she put me back in my cot.

I'd pretty much recovered by the evening though: the restorative powers of a good sleep are amazing. I must have been starving as I fed for over twenty minutes (normally I manage about fifteen), and then I had a nice long cuddle with Mum and Dad until I fell asleep again. It's not a bad life really!

Finally, I'd like to congratulate Kate and Dave on the birth of their first child Jack. Aunty Sal and Dad used to play with Kate when they were children, and I'm looking forward to playing with Jack when we're both a bit bigger.

hello gorgeous!
nightmare about the eye test! ew! i hope your mummy and daddy didn't watch ER last night, that had a gross-out eye moment - it was all ok in the end as the attractive doc called Kovac taught nice Abbie to sort it out and she did a fab job - but still, it might have scared them initially!
I am so pleased to see you doing so well - bathtime looks like fun! Keep it up,
lots of love, Annie xxxx
Hi William
After a week away without access to your website (how I missed it) it was fantastic to see how much progress you have made. I was thrilled to see you have been promoted to the nursery and just look at how big you are getting. You are a real little Bobby Dazzler. I will print out the picture of you in the blue babygrow to go with your other pictures on my kitchen wall. Keep up the good work young man.
Love and kisses Aunty Vonny
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