Saturday, May 07, 2005

I had my first bath today. I wasn't convinced about the whole thing to start with, but then I really don't like being fussed about. The odd cuddle and feeding with Mum is fine, but I start to complain if people change my baby grow or try to change my nappy, so you can imagine what it was like when the Nurse stripped me down for a bath.

Bathtime is a bit complex while I'm attached to a monitor and wearing a feeding tube, so Mum and Dad watched while the nice Nurse showed them how to do it for next time. They washed my head and face out of the bath first of all (probably to maximise the time I spent in my nappy), and I complained bitterly the whole time. But I stopped grumbling as soon as they put me in the water. I particularly liked it when the Nurse swooshed a tidal wave of water all over my tummy:

I also quite liked having my head rubbed dry afterwards:

(Mum and Dad have some more revealing photos of me in the bath, but you'll have contact them to see them 'cos I'm not letting anyone put them up here!)

Richard and Ann came to see me today: they're some of Mum and Dad's friends from their badminton class. They wanted to know when I would be joining the Tuesday class; although I wondered if I could persuade Uncle Paul to give me a few extra lessons first. I'm also not sure if they make badminton rackets in my size.

I've been trying to explain to my eldest son about how small you are. I managed to demonstrate your weight using electronic scales and bags of sugar but we'd like to know how long you are? Any chance? I like the pictures - you are so cute!
Hi little man - what wonderful bath pictures! The first of many - why do they do this to babies? You do look very cute though! Remember to splash next time as lots of fun. Seems like you are getting the hang of feeding too - very clever boy.
Baby William - You are so cool! I wish I could get away with having my hair washed every 8 and a half weeks!
Hugs and Bumps
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