Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Today was a quiet day, and I spent quite a lot of it asleep. They're keeping me on the breathing support machine "to give me a rest" but I think they're just being mean. Mind you, I've not had much energy to fight it recently, but I'm slowly getting stronger: I'm still on antibiotics, but my blood gases have improved. I've definitely got bigger, as I can no longer get anywhere near the nice blue baby-grow I used to wear.

Mum went to get a haircut in the morning and then came in to the hospital. She spent the afternoon chatting to me and helping out the Nurses with a Minstrels problem (apparently, they help fortify my milk). After she left I redecorated the inside of my Incubator when the Nurse changed my nappy; I thought it was funny, but the Nurse wasn't amused.

you make sure you take it easy, young man! i have to say you are looking so gorgeous at the moment!
i was talking to my mummy about you last night and she said - and get this for exciting information - one of her best friends when she was at school (which was millions of years ago) was called sarah and she married a doctor who...and this is the exciting part...brought the kangaroo care theory to england! he saw women doing it in south america, though it was a great idea, and so introduced it at great ormond street hospital in london, way, way back in the late 60s or early 70s. and now you are benefitting from it! i thought that was very exciting!
anyway, keep on getting big and strong,
lots of love, annie xxxx
Hi Will,

I hope you don't mind me writing to you but your (extremely proud) Aunty Ceri sent me your link. It has taken me a very long time to get the hang of this IT jazz and I had originally posted your message on my own blogspot my mistake!

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling a little bit under the weather and I'm also sorry to hear that you haven't gained any weight. I expect the fortified milk will do the trick though. On the bright side it gives your Aunty Ceri lots more time to make some clothes for you - she does a very good line in green dresses but I'm sure that she can adapt her talents to something more manly.

Please send my love and best wishes to your Mum and Dad, it can't be very much fun for them being in a separate place from you and not being able to give you a cuddle whenever they feel like.

Lots of love.

Angie Palin
I see my friends have beaten me to the blogspot today ( I have been swanking around meetings with lots of headteachers and eating cake). In your lastest pic I can see some definate arm movement which could be interpreted as a fantastic dance move. When you get bigger I will show you a few moves that I have up my sleeve, but you will need to practise very hard to keep up and get them just right as they are most complex. Just ask your mum about my Olga Korbett phase. Thats Olga Korbett not Ronnie.
Love and hugs

Aunty Ceri
Have't been in touch for a while, grandson, but life has been busy - almost as busy as yours, and I'm feeling almost as tired as you were - I hope we're a bit more lively soon - you'll need to be, as your Aunty Ceri's visiting you this weekend, and that's always a jolly experience,but not for the terribly tired! Pa & I may come down the week end after, for a day, at least, if that doesn't exhaust everyone too much! Good news about growing out of that blue baby grow - you fitted into it fine when I was down last week!

Ma (welsh Grandma!)
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