Monday, April 04, 2005

Today Dad had to go back to work so Mum is bribing lots of friends and family to act as taxi drivers so she can come and see me. She's not allowed to drive yet, as it's been only about four weeks since I appeared. Today Aunty Libby (aka Mrs Coldbeck) drove Mum in, and Aunty Jenny (who lives next door) took her home. They both came to see me.

Mum and me played at being kangaroos again today, but I had to climb up from underneath her shirt because it didn't have any buttons. It was a bit cramped, but it was warm and cuddly. Part way through, I got one of my breathing tubes stuck in my eye and it hurt alot. I tried telling Mum about it very loudly but it took her ages to work out what was wrong. Silly Mummy!

Mum and Dad came back to see me this evening, and I spent a good half hour pulling faces at Dad. They're going to weigh me again tonight, but I'm not sure if I've put on much weight since my funny turn at the weekend.

Wow who is a pretty boy then?! First time I have seen you with your eyes open and I think I can also see your big belly! Glad to hear also that your Mum and Dad are doing well and that you have not woken them up again too early.. Wait until you get home and you can really start having fun with 3am tamtrums and toy throwing practice! Happy Days!
What a beautiful picture - definitely one for the album
Hello, I hope you don't mind me intruding. I came across your blog while I was writing my own, and kept pressing the "next blog" button as the ones I were getting weren't very interesting until I came to yours....

WOW! What a little fighter you are! Welcome to the World tiny boy (I have two who I thought were tiny but they were a lot bigger than you!). Anyway hello to your mum and dad and congratulations!
hi, I'm another 'intruder'! I've just read your entire blog and it's brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful baby you are :) Keep fighting and keep growing little one. You've made a lot of friends at 'our place' :) (and if your mum wants a place to come and chat with some fellow mums, she's more than welcome to pop over to ... and your dad of course :) ) Best wishes xxxxx
hi, hope you dont mind but i'm another mum from the badmothersclub, your link is up there now.

I think your blog is wonderful and it has made me cry (in a good way). I think you are a fabulous little fighter with such a loving family, and i'll be popping in to check your progress every so often.

best wishes. xxxx
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