Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Nurse was very kind this morning and moved Lamb so we could have a bit of a chat:

She gradually increased my feed throughout the day and by mid-afternoon I was back on my full 10ml per hour. Once they'd removed the drip they let me come out for a long cuddle and to be a kangaroo.

My "I hate the breathing machine" campaign is starting to pay off: the Doctors have started to experiment with leaving me off the breathing support machine for a bit longer each time. I managed seven hours without it this afternoon, and it looks like they'll try for the same again this evening. Hoorah!

Nana wasn't very well last night and had to be taken into hospital. She's been having chemotherapy so her immune system is in a bit of a mess, and they took her in because she had an infection. They treat her much the same way as they treat me: she's on an antibiotic drip and they'll be keeping a close eye on her, although she doesn't get to sleep in an incubator. She said she's feeling much better now, but she'll be in hospital for another day or so. I hope she gets better soon.

Hi William It's Janet from New Zealand here. I bet you haven't heard from someone so far away before! I went to primary school with your Mum.
I'm glad to see that you're getting so much better. I hope your Mum and Dad are well too!
Love Janet
Hi William, You know you are now better at putting on weight than your Dad and I put together!

I really hope that your Nana can get to a computer and keep up-to-date on your progress while she is in hospital. You have her fighting spirit and I know that she loves to read your blog so make sure you dont stop posting..

Take care lickle guy,
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