Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My campaign to rid myself of the nasty breating support machine took a step forward today: if I put my face into my pillow and turn my head quickly to the side I can remove the tubes from my nose. In the past I've tried grabbing hold of the tubes and pulling, but I'm not very coordinated and it can take me a while to get hold of the tubes in the first place. And sometimes I pull the wrong way and end up jamming the tubes even further up my nose, which isn't very comfortable. But sticking my head in the pillow and twisting is much more effective. I like to keep my Nurse on her toes, but I think I'm beginning to annoy my Nurse a bit as she has to put them back in every time I manage to get them out.

Ma came back again today, as did Aunty Aimee. Everyone was a bit worried that she might fall over again, but she seems to be feeling much better now. She brought some biscuits in for all the Nurses to say sorry for causing a such fuss last time: I think they were much appreiciated.

Mum and Dad came back later on as normal, and I played at being a kangaroo again. While I was being cuddled Mum did a huge burp which I thought sounded very funny:

Good lad! Your dad was always expert at taking things to pieces -he just didn't show the same interest in putting them back together. It's obviously a defect in the gene pool
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