Saturday, April 23, 2005

Look at me: I've got a new bed and a cool baby-grow!

I've been maintaining my body temperature pretty well, so the lovely Nurses decided to try me out in a "Hot cot". The life-raft thing around me is actually a heated water bed, which is very warm and really comfortable and I like it alot. The only dowside is that everything's a bit brighter and noiser than I'm used to, but it's great to be out in the open.

If you look really carefully at the picture you can see Chicken wearing the evil breathing support hat (it must have been very dark when the Nurse tried to put me back on last night; but rather him than me!) I'm supposed to be spending six hours off and four hours on, but if I'm doing well they seem to be leaving me off for a bit longer.

Ma and Pa came to see me today, and I think they were very pleased to see me make the transition from the Incubator to the cot. Ma brought me a copy of Where the wild things are which is one of her favourite books. Some of the Nurses had a quick read, and I'm looking forward to having it read to me.

Ma and Pa then went home a bit early to cook Mum and Dad a meal (they're very kind) and Mum and Dad stayed to settle me down properly into my new bed. I was a bit tired and I went straight to sleep:

Brilliant news. And i love your natty outfits you have been sporting recently, we will have to get you a wolf suit like Max in Where The Wild Things Are! I am really pleased you've met the target I set you of getting in the cot by the time i visit you next - so your new challenge is your 50m swimming badge by June.
Lots of Love,

Aunty Ceri xxx
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