Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm six weeks old today! Last night was also weighing night: I'm now 1.42 kg, which is about 3 pounds 2 ounces. Although everyone is pleased that I've put some weight on, the Doctors think I should be heavier still so they've increased the amount of fortifier in my milk. My new weight also means that they've increased my feed to 11 ml per hour. Yum!

They've also kept me on the three hours on, three hours off pattern with the evil breathing suport machine, as they think this will help me put more energy into growing instead of breathing. I think they want me to go to sleep when it's turned on, but quite how I'm supposed to relax when I've got warm air being blown up both nostrils is beyond me. And given that I spend most of the three hours trying to escape, I'm not sure being plugged in really saves me much energy.

I've been forced to learn some sneaky tricks to avoid detection by the Nurses when I do manage to wriggle free. I've been using the trusty "head in the pillow" technique to escape and my latest refinement is to cover my face with my hands afterwards so that noone can see if the horrible machine is still attached. The only problem is that the evil machine makes a scarey beeping noise when it discovers I've gone, but it does fool the Nurses for a few extra minutes.

Happy 6-week-birthday Will!

Im pleased you're gaining weight and finding new and ingenious ways to avoid the stinky breathing machine. Keep up the good work.

Love Jen x
hi will,
good to hear youre growing nicely, I havnt had a chance to read what you've been up to for a few days - you've been quite busy with visitors and making new and creative ways to fool the nurses and the evil breathing machine! happy six weeks birthday for yesterday, its a shame you're not big enough for cake yet but perhaps mum put some extra chocolate buttons in your milk, big loves little man, blessed be, auntie sal
Happy six-week birthday litte fella. Glad to see you're getting fed more - that'll be your Dad's appetite gene kicking in. Good luck in your battle with the breathing machine. Fight the power I say. Take care of yourself.


Happy b'day Wills

Good to see you are growing, and I'm sure that when you get a bit bigger, you will rival all the big babies with the amount of noise as well as mess that you can make.

You keep on keeping those nurses on their toes.


Fi (in London)
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