Friday, April 08, 2005

I now weigh 1.3kg (or around 2 pounds and 14 ounces), Mum thought the Nurse said 3.1kg, which would make me very fat indeed. 1.3kg is quite enough for now, as I'm having difficulty fitting into some of the smallest baby-grows they have in here. My new weight also means my milk quota has been increased to 10ml per hour; which is very exciting.

However, before I could tuck in and enjoy the extra milk, they decided to stop feeding me again because my tummy had become a bit swollen. They don't think there's anything wrong, but they did say that I've got a bit of a slow digestive system. Anyway, to give it time to settle down they stopped my feeds for six hours, whichmeans I'm back on the drip again. Hopefully it won't be for too long.

Aunty Christine came back to see me again today. She sang me a funny song about being eaten by a snake and told me a funny poem about Deborah the Zebra. Aunty Penny came to see me just before Mum went home; she's a known Ma since she was a little girl, which must have been a very long time ago...

Later on, I had a nice long cuddle with Dad:

Are you sure you don't mean Saturda, grandson mine? I think you've got a bit ahead of yourself! And while we're talking,just because you're my first grandchild, it doesn't mean you can cheek me as you did yesterday and get away with it! Yes, I have known aunty Pen for a long time, and yes, I did watch the coronation in her house - they had a TV, an unusual thing at the time, but that doesn't give you the right to be cheeky! That aside glad to see you're doing so well Lots of people at St Philip's were asking after you - so many, I hardly did any of my coffee duty, so perhaps I owe you one - or does that make us equal? Love from Ma (and Pa, who is busy helping Aunty Ceri with her front garden)
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