Sunday, April 10, 2005

I nearly escaped from the Intensive Care Unit today. It's become very busy in here and the Doctors were rushing about looking for babies that they could move out to free up some space. The choice was between me and another baby, but the other baby won as it was slightly older. Mum was dissapointed, but I think I must be doing pretty well for them to consider moving me out. If I continue to be good perhaps they'll let me into High Dependecy soon.

Aunty C came back to see me again while I was being a baby kangaroo with Mum. She said that I'd defintely put on more weight since last weekend, and that I've started to look like my Dad. I'm not sure that's a good thing; perhaps I'll look more like Mum when I'm older.

Baby William!

I know you may have been cross about the other baby pipping you to the post but really, there is no need for such an agressive stance. If my Mummy catches me threatening people with my fists I get into big trouble!
I like your babygrow. Your Mummy bought me a Humphreys Corner book when I was little. It's one of my Mum's favourites (although to be honest I prefer books about diggers now). Keep getting bigger!

Love Thomas
hi will its your cousin jamie i avnt seen you yet but you look just like your dad / uncle ste! i hope i can see you as soon they start leting children see you. i went to see nana last nite shes doin well but she hates it in there more than you.
hope to see you as soon as posible, bye lots of love jamie

ps hello william, nana sends her love, she's is getting better and should be out soon! big loves little man, auntie sal xxx
Hi Wills

I haven't been able to catch up properly for a few days, and my you've grown since I last dropped by! What beautiful stormy blue eyes you have little man! And a whole pound heavier than when you were born!

It’s good to see a smile too, you look very comfy being a kangaroo. Your mummy and daddy must be very pleased, even though maybe some babies don’t stay very long, maybe they weren’t as little/young as you were.

Keep on growing, take care.

Big loves

Fi (in London)
Hi William,

Im Jen, your dad's cousin. This is the first time I have seen you and I've been reading all about your exploits in the hospital. You're doing so well - putting on weight and being allowed more food. And I'm pleased your breathing machine campaign is going so well - I'm sure you will be rid of it for good very soon!
Now I have the link to your page, I will keep up to date with all your adventures and I am really looking forward to meeting you.
Take care then little man and make sure your Mum and Dad behave themselves.

Love Jen x
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