Friday, April 15, 2005

I made another discovery today: if I try really hard, I can grab hold of my feeding tube and pull it out. It's taped to the side of my head, but I've found I can hook it out if I reach into my mouth with my fingers. I thought this was very clever, but for some reason my Nurse wasn't very impressed, especially when I did it twice within half an hour. She threatened to put mittens on me, which I thought was very mean.

Mum and me had another long kangarooing session today. Mum was wearing t-shirt, and it was a bit of a squeeze with both of us in there and it took me a while to get comfortable. Mum said that with all my thrashing about I looked like the Psammead coming out of the sand:

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as usual and changed my nappy. They weren't very pleased as just as they were bringing a new nappy in there was a bit of an explosion which put mess everywhere and they had to change all the sheets and clean the Incubator. Bear was very relieved as he somehow managed to escape unscathed despite being in the line of fire. After all the excitment was over I put my thumb in my mouth and went straight to sleep.

Psammead, if you please- I'm glad your parents are intrroducing you to some class books early - when i come next I'll introduce you to a boy called Max - and his Wolf-suit..... i gather you've broken the 3lb barrier - well done, grandson, keep it up! Ma
Thankyou: spelling now updated
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