Sunday, April 03, 2005

I gave Mum and Dad a bit of a fright today. Everyone was a bit worried about the size and colour of my tummy, and at 4:20am the Nurse rang Mum and Dad to tell them that they were going to start a course of antibiotics and do some X-rays. Mum and Dad were undestandably a bit worried about being rung up so early in the morning, and they had some trouble going back to sleep.

However, once all the tests were in the Nurse rang back to say that the Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. The Surgeons had seen the X-rays, and said that there might have been a small twist in my bowel but it wasn't worth doing anything about. Mum and Dad were very relieved, and Dad said it was a bit like being on a roller-coaster.

I got to have some cuddles later with both Mum and Dad. It was a bit tricky with all the extra lines I've got after last night's sillyness, but it was nice. Dad has to go back to work tomorrow, so this cuddle might be the last one he'll get for a while.

A bit of a fright? Trouble going back to sleep??

Now listen to me, grandson; attention-seeking is all very well, but you’re rather over-doing it with a 4:30am phone call – it probably registered 9 on your mum and dad’s Richter scale.

Now snuggle down, do some wriggling and some growing – and while you’re about it, fill that nappy!

Lots of love
Hello William. I've just caught up with your pictures and news - much more fun than working.

Maybe your pale and wan looks can be attributed to your father's penchant for eating daffodils at an early age.

keep on growing and give ourlove to Mum and Dad

Love Metty and Michael
hi will
i am not allowed to see you because the nurses dont let kids in the im having a boreing day with nana because nanas ill(ive had to go ton the shop 3 times!) i will be able to see you when you come out of hospital, i still had a nice time seeing your mum and dad though.
hi will,
ooo 4.30am that must of hurt! but I'm very glad that you are feeling a bit better now. It was so lovely to meet you last week and to see your mum and dad. Me and aiden played at being tourists and went round Cardiff on an open top bus on the friday, you really do live in a beautiful city. keep getting better and bigger, sending you all much love, light and rainbows, blessed be, auntie sal xxx
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