Monday, April 18, 2005

Aunty Ceri came back to see me today. She kindly took a day off so she could spend some time with Mum and me, and I came out for a quick kangaroo with Mum. Mum and Dad like having Aunty Ceri to stay because she makes them laugh, and she's also a great cook.

It was very warm and quiet in the Unit today, and I think it must have been a bit boring for Aunty Ceri. In fact, I'm sure she fell asleep when Mum went off to make some milk. I think I heard snoring, but when I tried to look I set of some of my alarms which woke her up.

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as usual to clean me up. I was pretty tired, but I wasn't able to sleep as some of the other babies in High Dependency were being very noisy. At one point three of them were blasting away all at the same time: I tried shouting at them to be quiet, but they didn't take any notice of me. Dad was impressed by how long they managed to keep going for, and they didn't calm down until two Nursery Nurses came along to see what all the fuss was about. Nursery Nurses don't take any nonsense from anyone.

I'm still doing three hours on, three hours off the evil breathing support machine. The Doctors have put me back on caffine to help keep my heart-rate up, but it doesn't seem to have stopped me from sleeping.

Lovely to see both a daughter and the grandson sleeping so soundly in the HDU! Can't remember her sleeping that soundly when she was a baby! Your mother, now, was a different matter..... Ma
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