Saturday, April 30, 2005

I managed to pull my feeding tube out this morning, but instead of putting a new one in my mouth they put one up my nose! It wasn't very comfortable and it made me sneeze, but it's going to be much better as it won't get in the way when I'm feeding. They've only done this because I've been doing so well without the evil breathing support machine. There really isn't room to fit that and the feeding tube up my nose, despite what my Dad says.

On the past few weekends Mum and Dad have been spending the whole day with me and then they've gone home in the evening for a rest. But from now on they'll be coming back every evening because Mum is attempting to feed me twice a day. It doesn't always work because I'm easily distracted, but it's quite good fun. They smelt a bit funny when they came back this evening because they'd been to Aunty Claire's house for a barbeque. Aunty Claire has a little boy who's only eight months old, and I'm looking forward to playing with him when I get out of here. He's much bigger than me even though he's only a bit older: he currently weighs eighteen pounds!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Last night was weighing night: I'm now 3 pounds and 7 ounces (or 1.57kg, if you like that sort of thing). Everyone was a bit disspointed that I've only put on an ounce, but there's not much they can do as they've already fortified my milk as much as they can. They think it's due to my sodium levels being a bit low, as this can make you feel a bit pale and tired. But they're not overly concerned as the levels are improving slowly.

I've been breathing on my own now for well over twenty-four hours. It's easy! I'm also getting the hang of this feeding lark. it's a bit frustrating, as I can only manage about ten minutes before I get too tired to carry on. I complain bitterly when this happens as having the rest of my food down a tube just isn't the same, but when I get tired I can't manage it any other way.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Evil breathing machine: 0 hours, me: 12 hours. They finally gave in! I'm now breathing on my own for as long as I can manage it. The Doctors said that they'll pop me back on if I get tired, but otherwise I'm free to breathe all by my self. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself.

I've also made more progress with my feeding. The Nurses have moved me to three-hourly feeds, which means I'm starving by the time they get round to feeding me. I was so hungry yesterday that the "find the food" game suddenly became very serious: Mum said I practically threw myself at her and demanded to be fed. I managed to feed for about 10 minutes before it all got a bit much and I had to stop. Mum was very proud, and the Nurses want her to try feeding me twice a day from now on.

There are a couple of bits of bad news though. Firstly, I appear to have a small hernia. The Doctors have talked to the Surgeons about it, and they may need to do an operation to sort it out when I get a bit bigger. It seems to run in the family as both Uncle Dave and Grandpa have had operations to fix hernias, but I'm not too worried as they've both turned out fine.

Secondly, poor Nana is still in hosptial. Her white blood cell count is still very low and they won't let her out until it's back to normal. She's feeling a bit wiped out and fed up, and it can't be much fun really. I hope things improve soon.

Finally, the Nurses gave Bear a hat today too, so now we've all got one:

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I made some progress with the "find the food" game today. It's not easy. You have to get everything in the right position before you start (otherwise you get nothing), you have to avoid drowning (by not breathing through your mouth) and you have to avoid being distracted by the Big Light in the middle of the room (Oooohhh... Big Light...). And you have to do all of this at the same time, otherwise it doesn't work. When you think about it, it's a miracle that babies get fed at all.

Apart from that, the rest of the day was pretty relaxed. The ten hours on, two hours off pattern with the evil breathing machine is working out pretty well: I spend most of the two hours on fast asleep, and the ten hours off gives plenty of opportunity for cuddles. I like quiet days.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I'm seven weeks old today! Last night was also weighing night: I'm now 1.54kg, which is about 3 pounds and 6 ounces (although Mum is convinced that it's more like 3 pounds 7 ounces). My new weight means that milk intake has been raised to 25ml every two hours. Mum is pleased because she's running out of freezer space to keep all the milk she's made so far (the storage situation is so bad that Mum had to eat a whole tub of ice-cream at the weekend in a desperate bid to make some more space). My new intake is slightly more than she generates in the same period, so I should start to catch her up from here on in.

The Doctors are pleased with my breathing, and I've been allowed to progress to two hours on, ten hours off the evil breathing machine. I'm enjoying the freedom. I've also been given a dummy to help me figure out the "find the food" game, but I've yet to see the point of it all. Mum seems determined to make me learn though.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Some nasty Doctors came and stuck things in my eyes today. Like a lot of premature babies, I was given oxygen in the first few days after birth to help me breathe. Although it probably saved my life, breathing oxygen-enriched air can have some long term side effects, one of which is that my eyes might not develop quite as they should. The test they did today involved putting a camera on to my eyes to see if the extra oxygen damaged my retinas; it wasn't very comfortable, but everyone said I was very brave. One eye was fine, but they're going to come back and look at the other one again in a few weeks. I was a bit grouchy afterwards though.

Lamb got to help out the Nurses with my feed today:

Nana went back into hosptial again last night, as she was running a temperature and they are worried that she might have another infection. I think she was a bit fed up about the whole thing. Nana thinks we're having a competition to see who can spend the most time in hosptial care, but I'm not sure I want to play anymore.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

It was very quiet in here today, mostly because by the end of the day there were only two babies in here. I think the Nurses enjoyed the more relaxed pace today, as they work very long hours and they normally spend the entire time rushing about doing things.

Aunty Cheryl came to say hello, and I had a nice long cuddle with Mum where we played the "find the food" game. I'm still not very good at it: I think I'm in the right place but I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do when I get there. It's all a bit confusing really, but I expect I'll work it out eventually. After Mum fisnished playing with me I decided to blow some rasberries at her:

I'm still enjoying my new cot, and it makes things much easier for Mum and Dad too as it's much easier to see me and there's more room for them to work in. There's also more space for my cuddly toys. Chicken has been positively giddy since moving in to all the extra space. Mum and Dad arrived in the afternoon to find us having a silly hat party:

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Look at me: I've got a new bed and a cool baby-grow!

I've been maintaining my body temperature pretty well, so the lovely Nurses decided to try me out in a "Hot cot". The life-raft thing around me is actually a heated water bed, which is very warm and really comfortable and I like it alot. The only dowside is that everything's a bit brighter and noiser than I'm used to, but it's great to be out in the open.

If you look really carefully at the picture you can see Chicken wearing the evil breathing support hat (it must have been very dark when the Nurse tried to put me back on last night; but rather him than me!) I'm supposed to be spending six hours off and four hours on, but if I'm doing well they seem to be leaving me off for a bit longer.

Ma and Pa came to see me today, and I think they were very pleased to see me make the transition from the Incubator to the cot. Ma brought me a copy of Where the wild things are which is one of her favourite books. Some of the Nurses had a quick read, and I'm looking forward to having it read to me.

Ma and Pa then went home a bit early to cook Mum and Dad a meal (they're very kind) and Mum and Dad stayed to settle me down properly into my new bed. I was a bit tired and I went straight to sleep:

Friday, April 22, 2005

The "scream until they take me off" strategy for escaping the evil breathing machine is working remarkably well. I tried it this morning after being strapped in for around two hours and they came and took me off it again. They did come back and reattach it again later, but by then I was so tired I didn't care. I get the impression that they're letting me decide when I should go on and off the machine; it's much better when I'm in control.

I'm afraid Mum didn't manage to take any pictures today as it was very busy: Aunty Aimee, the Vicar, and lots of important people from Mum's school came to see me, and then I did some kangarooing with Mum. She says she'll take some tomorrow though, when Ma and Pa are come to see me.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

I was a baby kangaroo again today. Mum and the Nurse wanted me to play "find the food" and I did try looking for it, but it was all warm and cuddly being with Mum and I feel asleep. The Nurse said I was a lazy boy and that I should get used to working for my food because eventually I'd have to do it all by myself. The two-hourly feeds are working fine though.

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as usual to change my nappy. It was pretty quiet in the Unit, and Thursday night is weighing night so the Nurse let Mum and Dad help weigh me. Everyone was a little bit nervous because they have to take all my clothes and nappy off to get an accurate reading, and yesterday's tale of the new Incubator was fresh in everyone's mind. Fortunately, everything happened at high speed and I was weighed, nappied and dressed before anything bad happened. The result: I'm now 1.47 kg, or 3 pounds and 4 ounces. Dad says I'm a big fat boy now.

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I was in big trouble today. My Nurse was caught unawares in the brief moment of freedom that occurs during a nappy change. She said she'd never seen anything like it: a big arc of smelly stuff plastering the inside of my Incubator. It was so bad that she had to take the Incubator completely apart to clean it, and she wasn't very impressed as I'm sure you can imagine. I've got a new Incubator now: it's slightly cosier than the last one, but otherwise it's much the same.

I continue to struggle with the evil breathing machine. I thrashed about so much last night that my Nurse had to take me off to calm me down; a great result in my opinion, but I'm not sure this approach will work every time.

The Doctors have decided to put me up to two-hourly feeds. This means that I get one large feed of 22ml every two hours instead of two smaller feeds of 11ml every hour. Although I'll be getting more in one go, it will give my tummy a chance to rest and it will give me a chance to feel hungry. This is apparently quite important if I'm to learn how to breast-feed.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I'm six weeks old today! Last night was also weighing night: I'm now 1.42 kg, which is about 3 pounds 2 ounces. Although everyone is pleased that I've put some weight on, the Doctors think I should be heavier still so they've increased the amount of fortifier in my milk. My new weight also means that they've increased my feed to 11 ml per hour. Yum!

They've also kept me on the three hours on, three hours off pattern with the evil breathing suport machine, as they think this will help me put more energy into growing instead of breathing. I think they want me to go to sleep when it's turned on, but quite how I'm supposed to relax when I've got warm air being blown up both nostrils is beyond me. And given that I spend most of the three hours trying to escape, I'm not sure being plugged in really saves me much energy.

I've been forced to learn some sneaky tricks to avoid detection by the Nurses when I do manage to wriggle free. I've been using the trusty "head in the pillow" technique to escape and my latest refinement is to cover my face with my hands afterwards so that noone can see if the horrible machine is still attached. The only problem is that the evil machine makes a scarey beeping noise when it discovers I've gone, but it does fool the Nurses for a few extra minutes.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Aunty Ceri came back to see me today. She kindly took a day off so she could spend some time with Mum and me, and I came out for a quick kangaroo with Mum. Mum and Dad like having Aunty Ceri to stay because she makes them laugh, and she's also a great cook.

It was very warm and quiet in the Unit today, and I think it must have been a bit boring for Aunty Ceri. In fact, I'm sure she fell asleep when Mum went off to make some milk. I think I heard snoring, but when I tried to look I set of some of my alarms which woke her up.

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as usual to clean me up. I was pretty tired, but I wasn't able to sleep as some of the other babies in High Dependency were being very noisy. At one point three of them were blasting away all at the same time: I tried shouting at them to be quiet, but they didn't take any notice of me. Dad was impressed by how long they managed to keep going for, and they didn't calm down until two Nursery Nurses came along to see what all the fuss was about. Nursery Nurses don't take any nonsense from anyone.

I'm still doing three hours on, three hours off the evil breathing support machine. The Doctors have put me back on caffine to help keep my heart-rate up, but it doesn't seem to have stopped me from sleeping.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Today was very exciting and busy: Aunty Ceri and Aunty Cheryl came to see me, and I was allowed out to play to do some kangarooing with Mum and some cuddling with Dad. I was pleased that I was able to come out to play as Aunty Ceri hasn't seen me out before: she said I looked more real out of my Incubator, but then she works in a Museum and must be used to seeing odd things in glass cases. She also got to poke me a bit; she's been threatening to do this for some time and I've been a bit worried about it, but she was very gentle and it was quite nice really:

Aunty Ceri took loads of photos of me, and somehow managed to take a good picture of Mum and Dad:

I was a bit tired after all the cuddles and visitors and I went straight to sleep as soon as I was put back in my Incubator:

I've been doing quite well without the breathing support machine; I'm still doing three hours on, three hours off but if I'm good I might be allowed to go to two hours on and four hours off. However, I've had quite a few "Bradys" this week (this is where my heart forgets to beat for a while and my alarms go into meltdown mode). As you can imagine, this worries Mum quite a bit. I'm pretty sure it's related to the Doctors stopping my caffine intake at the beginning of this week; like a lot of people I think I function much better with when I've had my morning coffee.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

I'm currently doing three hours on, three hours off the evil breathing support machine, so in one of my brief spells of freedom today I did some kangarooing with Dad. For a while I thought it might be Mum I was cuddling with, but then I remembered that her chest is less hairy and that she smells better. Once I'd figured that out I went straight to sleep and didn't wake up until the Nurse came to put me back in my Incubator.

Uncle Pete and Aunty Liz came to see me today. Uncle Pete works with Dad, and Aunty Liz is a teacher like Mum. Uncle Pete was also born a bit early (although he wasn't quite as early as me), but you wouldn't know it to look at him as he's well over six foot tall now; it's good to know that being early hasn't made much difference to him. They were very kind and brought me a really cool tiger which I'm looking forward to chewing when I get out of here.

Friday, April 15, 2005

I made another discovery today: if I try really hard, I can grab hold of my feeding tube and pull it out. It's taped to the side of my head, but I've found I can hook it out if I reach into my mouth with my fingers. I thought this was very clever, but for some reason my Nurse wasn't very impressed, especially when I did it twice within half an hour. She threatened to put mittens on me, which I thought was very mean.

Mum and me had another long kangarooing session today. Mum was wearing t-shirt, and it was a bit of a squeeze with both of us in there and it took me a while to get comfortable. Mum said that with all my thrashing about I looked like the Psammead coming out of the sand:

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as usual and changed my nappy. They weren't very pleased as just as they were bringing a new nappy in there was a bit of an explosion which put mess everywhere and they had to change all the sheets and clean the Incubator. Bear was very relieved as he somehow managed to escape unscathed despite being in the line of fire. After all the excitment was over I put my thumb in my mouth and went straight to sleep.

Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Nurse let me play hide-and-seek with Bear, Lamb and Chicken in my Incubator today. I hid by closing my eyes, but somehow they managed to find me every time. Afterwards, Bear was a bit tired and needed a sleep, but Lamb was still full of energy:

I was then allowed out for a cuddle with Mum (but no kangarooing, unfortunately). Mum says I was very alert for at least half an hour: I was looking around all over the place and I was particularly fascinated by the light in the centre of the room. It was very comfortable and I eventually dropped off to sleep, only to be rudely woken by one of the other residents of the HDU (nearly all of the babies in here are much bigger than me, and they make a lot more noise). I wasn't very pleased and complained until Mum put the blanket over my ears. When I went back in the Incubator I went straight to sleep:

The Doctors have started to increase the amount of time I'm allowed off the evil breathing support machine, and they've also started to lower the temperature of the Incubator. They're hoping that I'll learn to maintain my own body temperature rather than relying on the Incubator to do it for me. If I manage it they'll put me into a heated cot like they use for the big babies.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Today was a quiet day, and I spent quite a lot of it asleep. They're keeping me on the breathing support machine "to give me a rest" but I think they're just being mean. Mind you, I've not had much energy to fight it recently, but I'm slowly getting stronger: I'm still on antibiotics, but my blood gases have improved. I've definitely got bigger, as I can no longer get anywhere near the nice blue baby-grow I used to wear.

Mum went to get a haircut in the morning and then came in to the hospital. She spent the afternoon chatting to me and helping out the Nurses with a Minstrels problem (apparently, they help fortify my milk). After she left I redecorated the inside of my Incubator when the Nurse changed my nappy; I thought it was funny, but the Nurse wasn't amused.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

I felt a bit poorly today; I think I may have overdone it a bit in all the excitement yesterday. I'd been setting my breathing and heart rate alarms off all night, and by the morning the Doctors decided to run the full suite of tests on me again. While they're waiting for the results to come back they've put me back on antibiotics and something to balance the acidity of my blood. I was feeling a bit better by the time Mum arrived at lunchtime; she sat by my Incubator and looked worried while the Doctors poked and prodded me some more.

Last night was also weighing night, but I've not gained any weight since last week. I think the Doctors will try adding more calories to my milk for the next few days to see if that makes any difference. The next weighing will be on Thursday evening; all the sleeping I've done in the past day or so will hopefully make a bit of difference.

Mum and Dad came back in the evening and I came out for a quick cuddle with Dad while Mum made some more milk for me. The High Dependency Unit still seems a bit strange to me: most of the time it's very quiet, but the babies in here make much more noise than I'm used to (and sometimes they even manage to wake me when I'm sleeping). I think we should try for a choir, as it's quite tuneful when we all scream in unison.

(Note from the editor: We have a slight technical problem with our camera; more pictures coming soon)

(Note from the editor: Normal service now resumed)

Monday, April 11, 2005

I've escaped from Intensive Care! They moved me over into the High Dependency Unit early this morning because they were really busy in the ICU. The High Dependency Unit is very different from Intensive Care: there are fewer babies and machines, so it's much quieter and it's not as busy. There are fewer Nurses to each baby in here, but all the Nurses are so amazing that I doubt I'll notice any differences. It's more a change in status than anything else: I've still got my Incubator, I'm still wired up to all the monitors, and they somehow managed to bring in the evil breathing support machine with me, but it does feel like progress.

Mum was very excited to see me in my new home. She was a bit giddy as she'd managed to come all by herself on the Bus; no mean feat given the somewhat arcane timetabling round here. I came off the horrible machine for about size hours and we had a long cuddle and played at being Kangaroos again. This time was a bit different, as I had to try and find Mum's milk. It was a bit hard, but I think I managed it in the end. Mum said it was all a bit tickly.

Mum and Dad had to come back a bit earlier in the evening because Mum had left her milk-making kit in the hosptial during all the excitement of the day. I was exhausted from my very busy day, and could barely open my eyes.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I nearly escaped from the Intensive Care Unit today. It's become very busy in here and the Doctors were rushing about looking for babies that they could move out to free up some space. The choice was between me and another baby, but the other baby won as it was slightly older. Mum was dissapointed, but I think I must be doing pretty well for them to consider moving me out. If I continue to be good perhaps they'll let me into High Dependecy soon.

Aunty C came back to see me again while I was being a baby kangaroo with Mum. She said that I'd defintely put on more weight since last weekend, and that I've started to look like my Dad. I'm not sure that's a good thing; perhaps I'll look more like Mum when I'm older.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Nurse was very kind this morning and moved Lamb so we could have a bit of a chat:

She gradually increased my feed throughout the day and by mid-afternoon I was back on my full 10ml per hour. Once they'd removed the drip they let me come out for a long cuddle and to be a kangaroo.

My "I hate the breathing machine" campaign is starting to pay off: the Doctors have started to experiment with leaving me off the breathing support machine for a bit longer each time. I managed seven hours without it this afternoon, and it looks like they'll try for the same again this evening. Hoorah!

Nana wasn't very well last night and had to be taken into hospital. She's been having chemotherapy so her immune system is in a bit of a mess, and they took her in because she had an infection. They treat her much the same way as they treat me: she's on an antibiotic drip and they'll be keeping a close eye on her, although she doesn't get to sleep in an incubator. She said she's feeling much better now, but she'll be in hospital for another day or so. I hope she gets better soon.

Friday, April 08, 2005

I now weigh 1.3kg (or around 2 pounds and 14 ounces), Mum thought the Nurse said 3.1kg, which would make me very fat indeed. 1.3kg is quite enough for now, as I'm having difficulty fitting into some of the smallest baby-grows they have in here. My new weight also means my milk quota has been increased to 10ml per hour; which is very exciting.

However, before I could tuck in and enjoy the extra milk, they decided to stop feeding me again because my tummy had become a bit swollen. They don't think there's anything wrong, but they did say that I've got a bit of a slow digestive system. Anyway, to give it time to settle down they stopped my feeds for six hours, whichmeans I'm back on the drip again. Hopefully it won't be for too long.

Aunty Christine came back to see me again today. She sang me a funny song about being eaten by a snake and told me a funny poem about Deborah the Zebra. Aunty Penny came to see me just before Mum went home; she's a known Ma since she was a little girl, which must have been a very long time ago...

Later on, I had a nice long cuddle with Dad:

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Aunty Christine came to see me today. Mum says she's been cooking, baking and blending all week and now the freezer is bursting with tasty things to eat. There's barely enough room for all the milk Mum has been storing there for me.

The Nurse wanted me to wee into a sample bottle this afternoon, but I with all the people staring at me nothing would come out. The Nurse wasn't bothered by my stage-fright at all and proceeded to dribbled cold water onto my lower regions: it wasn't very comfortable but surprisingly effective. (All the Nurses are very good at their jobs: no matter what I do, they're always at least two steps ahead of me). But you'll be glad to know I got my revenge: I kept the Nurse and Mum busy for at least three-quarters of an hour and got through three nappies and a set of sheets before they finished doing my cares.

I'll be weighed again tonight. I'm hoping to have grown some more since Monday, especially since they've increased my feeds to 9ml per hour.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

My campaign to rid myself of the nasty breating support machine took a step forward today: if I put my face into my pillow and turn my head quickly to the side I can remove the tubes from my nose. In the past I've tried grabbing hold of the tubes and pulling, but I'm not very coordinated and it can take me a while to get hold of the tubes in the first place. And sometimes I pull the wrong way and end up jamming the tubes even further up my nose, which isn't very comfortable. But sticking my head in the pillow and twisting is much more effective. I like to keep my Nurse on her toes, but I think I'm beginning to annoy my Nurse a bit as she has to put them back in every time I manage to get them out.

Ma came back again today, as did Aunty Aimee. Everyone was a bit worried that she might fall over again, but she seems to be feeling much better now. She brought some biscuits in for all the Nurses to say sorry for causing a such fuss last time: I think they were much appreiciated.

Mum and Dad came back later on as normal, and I played at being a kangaroo again. While I was being cuddled Mum did a huge burp which I thought sounded very funny:

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I'm four weeks old today. And last night was weighing night: I'm now 1.2kg (that's about 2 pounds and 10 ounces). I'm now offically the biggest baby in ICU!

I'm also the longest-serving resident of ICU. The current set of residents seem to be doing very well and I'm very pleased for them, but I'm sure Mum and Dad sometimes feel a tiny bit jealous. Quite a few babies have come and gone while I've been here, and it must be hard for them not to feel like I'm standing still or falling behind. I keep telling them I'm doing the best I can, and if you look at my pictures here you can really see how I've changed over the past few weeks.

Ma is staying with Mum and Dad for a few days: she's providing valuable taxi services to the hospital while Dad is at work. Ma was hoping to see me out of my incubator, but it wasn't possible as Mum and Dad have somehow got their visits out of sync with the three hours freedom I get from my breathing support machine. I hope Ma wasn't too disappointed. She's coming back tomorrow and I'm hoping to be a kangaroo again: I like the way that Mum smells.

Mum and Dad came back in the evening as they always do, and I had a nice long cuddle with Dad. Mum has been feeling a bit tired these past few days; I think that getting up every three hours to make milk for me is beginning to wear her down a bit. She forgets sometimes that she had a big operation when I arrived and that it's going to take a little while for her to get her strength back.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Today Dad had to go back to work so Mum is bribing lots of friends and family to act as taxi drivers so she can come and see me. She's not allowed to drive yet, as it's been only about four weeks since I appeared. Today Aunty Libby (aka Mrs Coldbeck) drove Mum in, and Aunty Jenny (who lives next door) took her home. They both came to see me.

Mum and me played at being kangaroos again today, but I had to climb up from underneath her shirt because it didn't have any buttons. It was a bit cramped, but it was warm and cuddly. Part way through, I got one of my breathing tubes stuck in my eye and it hurt alot. I tried telling Mum about it very loudly but it took her ages to work out what was wrong. Silly Mummy!

Mum and Dad came back to see me this evening, and I spent a good half hour pulling faces at Dad. They're going to weigh me again tonight, but I'm not sure if I've put on much weight since my funny turn at the weekend.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

I gave Mum and Dad a bit of a fright today. Everyone was a bit worried about the size and colour of my tummy, and at 4:20am the Nurse rang Mum and Dad to tell them that they were going to start a course of antibiotics and do some X-rays. Mum and Dad were undestandably a bit worried about being rung up so early in the morning, and they had some trouble going back to sleep.

However, once all the tests were in the Nurse rang back to say that the Doctors couldn't find anything wrong. The Surgeons had seen the X-rays, and said that there might have been a small twist in my bowel but it wasn't worth doing anything about. Mum and Dad were very relieved, and Dad said it was a bit like being on a roller-coaster.

I got to have some cuddles later with both Mum and Dad. It was a bit tricky with all the extra lines I've got after last night's sillyness, but it was nice. Dad has to go back to work tomorrow, so this cuddle might be the last one he'll get for a while.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

I'm a completely different colour today on account of the blood transfusion. I'm now nice and pink rather than pale and interesting:

The rest of today was pretty quiet. I played at being a baby kangaroo for an hour and a half until I got a bit tired and had to go back on the breathing support machine to recover. then in the afternoon Father Mark came back to see me as he's going on holiday for a few weeks and he wanted to see me before he left. He's very kind and thoughtful to keep coming to see me as he must be a very busy man.

When Mum and Dad came back again later, I was still on the breathing support machine. The Nurses say it's good for me, but I think the breathing support machine is horrid and I hate it. My tummy is also a bit red and swollen: the Doctors had a look and they said that everything was fine but they would keep an ey on it.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Mum and me played at being kangeroos today. I felt warm and safe and I liked it a lot: I licked Mum for a bit then went to sleep. There have been lots of studies describing how kangaroo care helps small babies like me, but you don't need a clinical trial to see that I like being cuddled.

Mum's friend Sara also came to see me today: she has twins which must be very hard work. And Aunty C came over to see me as well; she said that I'd filled out a lot since she saw me last. Later on I had a blood transfusion. I've been looking very pale recently and this will help boost my red blood cell count, and by tomorrow I should be a completely different colour. The Nurse said my blood was A+, which I think must be better than Mum's because hers is only A-.

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