Sunday, March 13, 2005

Today is my Grandad's birthday. My Dad joked with him on the phone that he'd got him another grandson as a present, but I don't think he was very amused.

I had my first taste of milk today. My Mum has been hard at work expressing milk into little srynges and bottles - she's very clever. She's very dedicated about it; she even gets up several times in the middle of the night to express some before coming up for a quick chat with me. I like my midnight visits from my Mum as it's can get very busy in here during the day and I like hearing her talking to me.

Mum's milk is amazing stuff: not only does it contain all the nutrients I need, it's specially tailored to my particular circumstances. If I had been born on schedule, the milk would contain different things than it does now. It also helps set up my immune system by passing on antibodies from my Mum. The first lot of milk was a bit much, so they've reduced the amount I have until I get used to it.

The Doctors are pleased with the amount of oxygen getting into my blood stream, so they've cut down the amount of ventilation I'm receiving.

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