Thursday, March 17, 2005

Pa visited again today; he's been doing a great job of looking after my Mum doing cooking and cleaning and giving her lifts places. I managed to get a long cuddle with my Dad as my Mum had to go off to get her blood pressure checked and it took ages (it was still high, and she has to go back again next week). The cuddle was fun: I pulled faces at my Dad until his arm went numb and I fell asleep. And I checked: his arm hasn't fallen off as my Aunty suggested, but I am beginning to wonder about what I've gotten into with my family's pixie ears and everything.

I've been spending more time off my breathing support: currently I'm spending about 4 hours off it and about 8 hours on, but if I'm good they'll let me spend more time off it. I'm also up to my full feed now, which means I'm getting all my nutrition from my Mum's milk. This is great as it means they can take away the line they've been using to feed me with. Not only are the lines uncomfortable, I can't wave my arms about so much when they're tied down with tubes.

I've been getting a lot of support from my Aunty Sal. She's sent lots of text messages and cards, and she's also set up a lantern for me in her Prayer Tree. My Mum and Dad think the lantern is pretty cool; but I just like the way it shines in the dusk:

My lantern in Aunty Sal's garden

My Mum and Dad will be back later on after my Dad has gone to Tai Chi. I haven't managed to follow my Uncle's suggestion of being sick on Dad yet, but I'm hoping I'll get a chance soon as it sounds like a great game.

Finally, I've had a great list of famous Williams from Aunty Annie:

Explanitary note: Guglielmo (that is wop for william.)

oooh, thought of an important william - guglielmo (gonna have to check the spelling) marconi! he invented marconi and cheese! ha ha not really but he did something clever with phones or tellies or something. every town and city in italy has a big street named after him so he must have been a bit important. maybe i should have googled his name before i wrote this...ooh and William Gallas of Chelsea and France...and Willy Sagnol he is either french or senegalese...and will self...

william in french is guillaume (sp?) and in spanish it is williamoethethethe. fact. i got another one: chilly billy (best book EVER), billy the kid, bill from bill and ted, bill roche - ken from corrie, bill bailey won't you take me home, billy bremner (leeds united 'great'), billy joel, billy ocean...I'M ON FIRE!

I saw your lantern last night. It's on the Prayer Tree in your Auntie Sal's garden, just outside the back door where they can see it all the time. It looks very pretty and your cousins Jamie and Aiden make sure it never goes out. (They can't wait to meet you)
hello william,
thank you for publishing my list of famous williams. if i had known you wre going to use it, i would have checked them all out first so that i would look more brainy! it is great to see you in your pictures looking so well, i think you are definitely going to grow in to a very handsome young man! your lovely aunty ceri informed me yesterday of all the naughty antics your daddy used to get up to when he was a little boy, and i will make sure i remember them so i can tell you them...and then you can do the same!
i have sent a little present for you with aunty ceri, so hopefully she will remember to give it to you when she comes to 'chill' with you this weekend.
well, i hope you enjoy listening to the rugby this weekend. i support ireland, but maybe since it is your first match i will allow wales to win. but i have to tell you that football is also a very fun game to watch, and i would like to nominate manchester united as the team for you to support. they are very good and they have a welsh player called ryan giggs there too. he was born in cardiff just like you!
anyway, take care and keep growing nice and strong and give your mummy and daddy a big hug and a kiss from me!
lots of love, annie xxx
hello will,
we're all gathered around the computer to say goodnight and sweet dreams little chap. I bet your mummy and daddy were so chuffed to get a cuddle off you - we're all waiting in the queue fro our cuddles but i expect it will take a while for your mummy and daddy to get bored of it!
sending you lots of hugs and loves,
auntie sal, paul, jamie, aiden, bella, bliss and steffy
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