Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I'm three weeks old today. And I'm now 1.08kg (that's 2 pounds and 6 ounces in old money) so I've put on lots of weight since last week. They've put my feed up to 8ml per hour, and my Dad says I'm starting to look chubby:

I'm off the antibiotics now, as none of the tests found anything, but I'm still feeling a bit under the weather and I'm looking very pale. The Doctors said that I'll be needing a blood transfusion if my haemoglobin levels don't improve in the next day or so. But they also said that it was fairly normal for small babies like me to need some extra blood. I think they're generally pleased with me, but it's hard to tell with Doctors.

I managed to get two nice long cuddles with my Mum and Dad today, and during the cuddles I escaped from my breathing machine for at least an hour. If I'm good, I might be allowed to start coming off it again.

Hi there Little Man

Wow, you look soooo much better! I love the new blue hat!

New blood? Can I get some of that? I think mine is polluted, but my boss says it’s my own fault. Something about being a dirty stop out.

I’ll just print off this new bit to read to Aunty Von later. Have a great day, and say Hi to your Mom and Dad for us.

Fi in London & Aunty Von in Cumbria
Master William you look a lot better! Comparing those two photos of when you were first born and now you look lots fatter and less like ET! And its great that they're finally getting a few clothes on you, its important to look well dressed at all times.
Love and Hugs

Aunty Ceri
Hi Baby William! Glad you are starting to get better again. Now you are on the mend I have given up my attempt to be more poorly than you (Mum says that I am a typical man and that I only had a temperature but I'm sure it was something dreadful like bird flu!) I like your pictures more now too as I can tell what they are of without Mummy having to explain about the tubes and masks. Stay healthy - I promise to give you extra bounces when I see you.

Wow, your mum and dad must be able to see you growing! At that rate you'll soon be ready for Uncle Dave's Thai lessons (and there was me thinking that your worst linguistic challenge was going to be ordering your school dinner in Welsh)

See you again v soon - good job your name's over your cot because by all accounts I wont recognise you!

Lots of love to all
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