Friday, March 11, 2005

I met my Aunty today; she's my mother's sister. She's very funny, and can make my Mum laugh just by looking at her or by singing silly songs. At one stage my Mum had to stop her from singing because her sides were in danger of splitting. She's very important to both my parents.

My Aunty was very pleased to see me: I think I was bigger than she thought I might be. She really wanted to look at my ears, as she wants to know if I've got pixie ears like hers, but they were hidden undere my hat. She also wanted to see my face, but I had my shades on as the Doctors had turned on my phototreatment lamp to help stop me being jaundiced.

My Aunty then went back to my house with my Dad to make sure he got some proper food. I think he finds it a bit difficult to find time to eat, as my Mum gets proper meals delivered to her bed. She wasn't very impressed to hear that he'd had sausages and rice-cakes for his tea the day before, and she insisted on cooking a proper meal instead. He was very grateful for her company, as he says the house feels empty with just him and the Mog in it.

I've been a bit puffy recently, as the fluid they're giving me isn't coming out as quickly as it should. The Doctors have given me a diuretic to help my kidneys function better, and I've started weeing a bit more since that. The Doctors hope that this will get better as I progress. Another problem is that the antibiotic they've been giving me is a bit dangerous in higher dosages, so it's important that I get it out of my system before it builds up.

Aunty C also came to see me today - I think she'll probably come to see me every day. I'm very lucky to have so many Aunties to help look after me.

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