Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I am two weeks old today! And I got to wear clothes for the first time, because they've turned down my incubator to a chilly 31° and I was getting a bit cold. I started out in a blue one, the smallest baby-grow they could find. It didn't last long as I had a bit of an accident when Mum was changing my nappy, so they put me in a larger white one instead. My feet only reach halfway down the legs at the moment, but perhaps that's why they call it a baby-grow.

Speaking of which, I've been losing a bit of weight these past few days. Apparently it's normal for babies to lose weight in the first week or so, as they're getting used to digesting things. Some of my weight-loss will be because I'm not as puffy as I was last week, but I don't really have much weight to lose. The Doctors are keeping an eye on it, and if I've not put on mre weight by Thursday they'll start fortifying the milk they give me. My Dad was wondering what they fortify it with, and if they can get the same effect by fortifying my Mum with Cream Eggs.

Hi William, Just saw this link and thought of you, with the calculator on this site you can work out how big, long, wide something is in terms of the unit of Wales. Now you are a bit too small at the moment to work it out in terms of Wales but my estimates of you from the photos tell me that you are: A 0.01 of the size of a Blue Whale, 0.03 of the size of a London Bus and if you could stand up yourself you would reach 0.004 the way up Nelson's Column!! To give you an idea of my size I came out as being 0.3 as tall as a giraffe!
Young william you need to put some weight on as you look a bit like ET in your blue blanket.(but you look lovely really). You are the first Horrocks desendant in history to have to put weight on instead of loose it so relish the opportunity. I would suggest plenty of milky ways and kettle chips.
I am very pleased to be able to watch your progress but I think you need to develop another interest other than poo as whilst it amuses Auntie Annie greatly, it is not becoming in a young gentleman of such high standing. Might i suggest some classic FM and a smoking jacket?
hello little grandson, Will
Glad to know you're thriving still -
But try to gain a little weight;
if playing rugby is your fate,
even scrum-halves need to be
About 10 stone, or ten stone three!
(if a prop you're keen on bein',
Make that nearer seventeen!)
I also hear you're making merry,
Throwing tantrums like Aunt Ceri!
(your mum was always more laid back -
All she did was eat and snack!)
Tomorrow we all go to Hay
We'll visit you from there one day.
it's easy 'cos it's not too far -
Till then, much love from Ma and Pa!
It was good to see you again today. You look very snug in your incubator and to be honest, I wouldn't bother to rush to get home if I was you - the boiler's broken and your mum and dad aren't having much success persuading a plumber to come and fix it!
hi will,
I'm a bit worried that you're biting your nails already, both jamie and myself bite our nails and have doen since a very early age, I would recomend that you try and stop, nana used to rub horrible little red chillies my fingers - nasty when it rubs off on your peanut butter sandwiches! I wouldn't worry about losing weight, both jamie and aiden were MASSIVE when they were born and they lost about a half lb, maybe more - i wouldn't suggest you lose that much tho coz you'll disappear! I expect they'll be fortifying your milk with something like spinach - might make your poo green, so that will please auntie annie! anyway mate i think your looking very 'fly' in your clothes (word on da street) it's hip to have your pants hanging round your knees! big loves little chap, aunite sal xxx
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