Thursday, March 31, 2005

Aunty Sal and Cousin Aiden came to see me today. I didn't get to see Cousin Aiden because the Nurses won't allow children in, but I spent some time with Mum and Aunty Sally while Dad took Cousin Aiden to the park for an ice cream. Aunty Sally was a bit caught up by how small I was - she says the pictures don't really give you a true picture of how big I am. I'm glad she didn't see me a few weeks back when I was smaller still.

They weighed me this morning: I'm now 1.14kg (or 2 pounds 8 ounces) but the Doctors aren't sure if it's real or if it's just fluid. They'll find out when they weigh me again next week.

Mum and Dad had a bit of a shock when they came back to see me later on: my cot space was empty and I'd gone! For a split second they thought I'd been taken away for something drastic, but they soon realised that I'd been moved to the other side of the Unit. The Nurse said it was a promotion, but I think they needed the space as they're due to get a lot more babies in tonight. I've got a bit more of a view from here but it's a bit cramped for Mum and Dad as I'm squashed into a corner.

Hi William,

Matthew here. Mummy, daddy and I are really pleased that you are doing ok. I know what you mean about that silly paddle on your hand. I was in SCBU too for a few days when I was born. I kept hitting myself in the face with it all the time and I refused to feed from mummy's left side cos it kept getting in the way. And then, to add insult to injury, they put me in a billibed to sort out my jaundice - we called it the microwave cot cos I got so hot in it!!

Anyway, got to go now. We pray for you every night before I go to bed and I'm sure God's listening! lots of love Matthew xxx (Mummy and Daddy send big kisses to you and lots of love to your mummy and daddy too!)
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