Saturday, March 19, 2005

Aunty Lou, Aunty Ceri and Ma came to see me today and it was all very exciting. They took a lot of pictures, but I didn't really like all the bright flashes as they made me jump. My Mum said it was like having the paparazzi in the ward. It was good to see them all though, even though Aunty Ceri pulled some funny faces at me:

(I think she's admiring my new hat)

After my Aunties left, the Nurses turned on the radio to listen to The Match. I woke up as soon as Max Boyce started singing funny songs (I tried to put my fingers in my ears when Charlotte Church sang). I had a nice long cuddle with my Mum and Dad during The Match. All the Nurses were a bit giddy on account of having to work on a Match Day, but it all came good and Wales beat Ireland 32-20. This means that Wales have won the Grand Slam and the Triple Crown, something they've not managed to do for 27 years.

My tummy is a bit swollen a the moment, but noone is too worried about it. The Nurses think I've got "CPAC belly"; which is where my breating support machine forces air into my tummy instead of my lungs. This makes me burp, which I reckon is pretty funny.

Hi Baby William. My Mummy has just got home from seeing you and she has shown me all your lovely pictures. I can't wait until you're big enough to be handled by tough northern lads and then I'll bounce you on my knee and play 'This little piggy'. Mummy says you are a sweetheart and that you liked it when she blew you the kiss that I sent with her. Our Baby William says Hi too (although being a doll he's not as much fun as you.) XXXXXXXXXX
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